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Co-opRemit is ideal for MSMEs, parents with children studying abroad, as well as persons with relatives seeking medical treatment abroad.

You can send a maximum of Ksh 1,000,000 per day and you will be charged between USD 2.50 and USD 12.50* depending on the amount you intend to transfer.

Features & benefits

  • Enables you to send money instantly to mobile numbers across Africa.
  • Affordable and safe.
  • Available country-wide at any Co-op Bank branch.
  • Access to dedicated money transfer counters across all our branches.

How do I access Co-opRemit?

  • Make sure there are enough funds in your account
  • Visit your nearest Co-op Bank branch with the following:

          a. Your official identification document (ID, passport, etc.).

          b. Destination country.

          c. Details of the recipient:

i. If you are sending to a bank account: ensure you have account details of the recipient including name, name of bank, branch, and bank account number.

ii. If you are sending to a mobile number: ensure you have the contact details of the recipient including name, mobile number, and name of the mobile service provider.

  • Pick a ticket for money transfer services.
  • At the counter, provide the dully filled Co-opRemit form and your identification document (ID, passport, etc.) to the teller.
  • The teller will process the transaction and issue you with a receipt that has a unique transaction reference
  • The funds will be credited to the recipient’s account or mobile number.

* There may be exceptions for Tanzania and Zambia.
* Find out at the counter which countries you can send money to.

For more information call our call centre on  +254 711 049 900, 020 277 6000, 0703 027 000, 0736 690 101.

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