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Let us be your trusted and reliable partner in safeguarding your financial assets and overseeing the prudent management of these assets.

We offer:

  • Custody Services
  • Safe Keeping Services

1. Custody Services

Our team is comprised of competent individuals who’ll walk hand in hand with you while safeguarding your financial assets. This together with our technological platforms will ensure you remain competitive in this fast-changing capital market landscape.  We serve pension schemesinvestment managers, insurance companies, brokers, sovereign funds, wealth management for high net-worth individuals & corporate clients.

What do we do?

  • Safekeeping of securities
  • Settlement of investment instructions
  • Activity reporting
  • Administer corporate actions
  • Capital & income collection
  • Payment processing
  • Central depository agency services

2. Safekeeping of Parcels

We offer the peace of mind that your valuables are safe with us at Co-operative Bank. This service is ideal for both individuals and corporations with valuable documents and would wish to safeguard these documents against threats such as fire, burglary, loss, or damage.

Available options under safekeeping service:

1. Renters safe keeping boxes

  • Bank rents out a safe box to our customers of varying sizes; small, medium, and large whereby the client is assigned two keys and the box is accessible during normal working hours.
  • Requirements are the standard KYC for individuals and companies, a standing order form, and an executed renters’ box application form.
  • The price is competitive at Ksh. 12,000 for a large box, Ksh. 8,000 for a medium box, and Ksh. 4,800 for a small box.

2. Branch safekeeping of parcels

  • The bank accepts properly sealed documents in envelopes within legal discretion that what the client has provided is lawful.
  • Competitively priced at Ksh. 3,000 pa.

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