• Yes
  • Through the various money transfer options e.g. Internal Funds transfer, Swift, EFT, Bank Deposits and Our Co-op bank agents (KES Only for Agent Deposits).
  • They can also deposit through M-PESA. Our Paybill Number is 400200.
  • Transfer from your account to your other account in Co-op Bank (Transfer to Self).
  • Transfer from your account to another person’s Co-op bank account.
  • Transfer from your account to another account in a Kenyan bank.
  • Transfer from your account to another bank Outside Kenya(Swift)
  • You can also write a secure mail and give us instructions for Funds transfer instructions.

NB:  We encourage customers to adopt a ‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) policy. It is easier, faster and a customer is able to take charge of transactions in his/her account.

You can wire the funds to your account through our correspondent banks (insert direct link to correspondent banks).

BRANCH CODE: 11254.P. O. BOX48231, 00100 NAIROBI, KENYA.

Diaspora Banking Unit,
Co-operative Bank of Kenya,
Haile Selassie Avenue,
O. Box 48231 – 00100,

Email: diasporabanking@diaspora.co-opbank.co.ke.
Mobile: +254 711 049 080 /972/287/563/ 971/ 616 / 33

Contact our 24/7 Call Centre on:
Email: customerservice@diaspora.co-opbank.co.ke Or Tel: +254 20 277 6000 /+254 703 027 000

On Our Website –  Insert Direct Link

You can view your account transactions and statement through the internet banking platform.

Yes, you can add your other accounts on your own using the internet banking platform or send secure mail instructions for us to link the accounts.

Yes, the account is automatically linked to internet banking during account opening.

  • To reactivate your account, kindly fill a dormant reactivation available on our Downloads Section and send it to the diasporabanking@diaspora.co-opbank.co.ke. or through our agents.
  • You can send secure mail instructions for reactivation of account.

An account becomes dormant if there are no customer initiated transactions for a period of 6 consecutive months

  • You have used a wrong password to log in more than three times. Ask for a password reset if you have forgotten your password. If you can remember your password, ask for it to be unlocked. Requests for unlocking password should be sent via email to diasporabanking@diaspora.co-opbank.co.ke.
  • Scan and send us a signed ‘Change of contacts’ form available on our Downloads Section to enable us update your details in the system for future correspondences.
  • Yes you can
  • Download a collection form from the Downloads Section and indicate the details of the person you have nominated to collect your instruments. Send a Scanned copy of the signed collection form to our group email address diasporabanking@diaspora.co-opbank.co.ke.
  • We have partnered with DHL and Aramex for the shipping of the ATM Card and Pin.
  • For Security reasons, we ship the ATM Card and Pin Separately.
  • The cost of shipping the items is billed by the customer.
  • We also offer an alternative of allowing the customer to nominate someone to collect their card and Pin
  • Yes you can give someone mandate to operate your account on your behalf.
  • Kindly fill an Agent Nomination form available on our downloads section and send it to the diasporabanking@diaspora.co-opbank.co.ke. Or through our outlet agents.
  • You will receive an email notification from the bank.
  • Kindly send an email to our group email address Diasporabanking@diaspora.co-opbank.co.ke if for any reason, you have not received the confirmation after three days

The turnaround time for Opening an account is 24 to 48 Hrs once we receive the filled in form and all the required documentation.

  • Download the application forms for your account type from our website under the Downloads section.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Specify the currency of the account.
  • Attach copies of your Kenyan Identification/a valid passport (first Page, second Page, last page and the renewal page if the PP has expired).
  • Attach a current coloured passport size photo.
  • Attach a copy of a utility bill (e.g. Electricity, Telephone bill etc.) or bank statement confirming your current postal address.
  • Have the documents certified by either.
    – Notary Public
    – Commissioner for Oaths.
    – Kenyan Embassy or High commission.
    – A Bank.
    – Co-op Bank Diaspora Agent

    Email the documents directly to diasporabanking@diaspora.co-opbank.co.ke.

  • In case of use of an authorized Co-op Bank Agent, the documents may be forwarded to the bank by the agent.

No, the best option would be to fill a Travel Notice Form to activate your Cards for use abroad.

One would have to open a new Jamhuri account and  we  link the two accounts in order to allow access to both accounts

A Kenyan Living abroad

It is important to open a Jamhuri account to facilitate access to the specialized services and products and concessions offered to Diaspora customers.

There is access to experts on matters Diaspora.

It gives regular updates on the investment opportunities available for Diaspora customers.